Bare Minerals Foundation and it’s best primer ever! (review)

  photo 3

bare minerals 3 bare-minerals-post Maximum-Concealer prime-time-e1357838109572 flawless brush

I’ve been using Bare Minerals Foundation for a few years now.  I actually alternate it with NARS.  I find Bare Minerals power allows my skin to breathe easier and the brushes are truly just magical.  Not sure why, but these brushes actually blend the power evenly over your skin and the concealer brush is able to pack the powder to stay on your skin.  I use NARS when I have events, or formal events to go to where I know I will need more coverage for photos.  The primer is just amazing.  I have used primers from Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, NARS, and MAC but find that Bare Minerals is the best one so far.  It goes on so silky smooth and you don’t need a lot.  Yes, you’ll probably think the bottle is so small and what a rip off – but my bottle lasts a few months and I don’t find it very pricy.

Here is what you need to make sure you do if you plan on switching to mineral powder.  Your skin MUST be hydrated and moisturized.  Alot of people seem to say that mineral powder gives them a dry skin look.  I totally understand, but since I now mask, tone, scrub, moisturize like crazy, drink lots of water – I notice the foundation goes on nicely and my skin doesnt get clogged up.

Gonna finish this review with a before and after picture – Don’t think it’s a huge difference sorry.  Definitely all the redness in my skin disappears. And my skin tone is alot more even! I need one of those super clear DSLR cameras…but then again, that might scare off all the readers from this blog.

photo 4

PS.  Iphone cameras just make everyone look nice. lol.  Here is a close up shot.  (warning ! warning!)

photo 1

photo 2

I think most obvious is the forehead area.


6 thoughts on “Bare Minerals Foundation and it’s best primer ever! (review)

  1. traceintheplace

    I definitely used to love bare minerals but realized i was inhaling a lot of it during the swirl-tap practice, and would sneeze…etc. love the feeling of the primer- i think it is silicone based that makes it feel so smooth. i think you’ve probably got the better skincare regimen between us two, but just make sure you’re getting all that powder off your skin. i noticed that when I would use a toner/cotton ball after cleansing, my cotton ball would turn yellow from all that bare minerals that didn’t wash off.


    • ivancouver604

      lol. oh my gosh – I actually don’t even do that swirl tap hahahaha. so bad. what do you use now??? i totally agree with you – thats why i use that wonderpore thing every 2 days just to make sure i didnt miss any powder!

      • traceintheplace

        hmm what am i using? i usually just apply concealer by sephora… probably not very good for me. i would probably lean toward a tinted moisturizer, since i don’t look for heavy coverage. i just don’t like looking like i’m wearing foundation. do you know any good ones?

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