29th Ave Cafe (Burnaby) – YAY!

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This cafe serves “yōshoku cuisine” which is basically japanese -style western dishes.

I’m a regular here and must have my mushroom and chicken dish EVERYTIME I COME… with rice!  My family loves their curry and cutlets, but I just have the same dish everytime.  Well, there was one time I had their mentaiko-ish spaghetti but I find it too dry.  Their corn soup and pudding is yummy too.  My mom also likes their caesar salad!  So yes…everything seems great in terms of food!

Lets talk about the ugly now.  ONE THING ONLY – the dreaded boss’s wife.  Everytime I see her…my face and mood just goes -_-“”” She never smiles.. never friendly… she takes your order…gives you your food.. and gives you your bill.  I notice she is very, very nice to japanese people though.  Don’t know what’s up with her but yes – ignore her and ENJOY THE FOOD!

Final verdict?  29th Ave Cafe is one of the very few serving yōshoku cuisine in Vancouver.  If you like consistent yummy dishes – this is the place.  Make a reservation if you are coming during prime eating times 🙂


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