Sushi K Kamizato (Port Coquitlam) -NAY.

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So I finally went to check out this snazzy little joint !  The chef, Keith is obviously very cool, friendly, and creative with his food.  My husband really enjoyed the food here but, yes… opposites we are.  I didn’t LOVE this place.  The sushi roll we ordered seriously had no taste.  Which is a good and bad thing I guess.  Good thing is that we know there is no MSG (yes , I learnt from a friend’s friend that worked at a japanese restaurant before that sometimes the sashimi has MSG to enhance the flavor).  But bad thing is, it’s bland.  My first time eating a bland sushi!!!  We called the tuna tataki and beef tataki – i swear….maybe my taste buds are broken – but they tasted exactly the same!  okay…same sauce – different texture la.

BEST THING?  The seared toro nigiri.  A definite must try.

Final verdict? Ya – I know, doesnt sound like I had a lovely experience.  I DON’T THINK I will go back.  But my husband insists its still good and we should go back.  -_-”  Oh – and surprisingly… Urbanspoon has high ratings. WTF?  I guess its them (plus my husband) versus my word.


4 thoughts on “Sushi K Kamizato (Port Coquitlam) -NAY.

  1. Randy

    The food photographs contradict your opinion and support your husband’s. Maybe your tastebuds were having a bad day. you should try it again.

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