My Beauty Diary (我的美麗日記) – Face Mask Review


my diary

I love the “My Beauty Diary”  line of face masks!  I have tried many masks, but always went back to this brand.  It is very cheap in Taiwan to buy, so whenever I go there – I buy half a suitcase full.  LOL.  I don’t think you should worry too much about what flavor you are getting as I ‘m a firm believer to not use a product for too long, or at least switch it up for a bit before going back to your old fav product.  I heard it’s better to do this with your hair too (ie: finish a bottle of pantene, change it garnier, go back to pantene, etc.)

Of course with different flavors, there are different smells, and targets.  OH – I’m allergic to red wine and when I used the red wine mask, I actually got a slight reaction – SO….just be careful that you aren’t allergic to any of the products.  My favorites are:  Aloe, Q10, Sake Yeast, Apple, and Cooling (during the hot summer weather).  My cousins love whitening products and they often use the white pearl flavor.  Here is what a box looks like –


You can buy a box of these in Canada for $15 – 20, in Taiwan – you can buy TWO BOXES for $10 when on sale.  One time, I was in COSMED in Taiwan and there was a whole wham of China tourists that just bought out all the masks.  CRAZY!

image_3 image_4

omg – look at the moisty goodness in here.  (compared to the dried up vanedo mask) LOL

image_5 image_6

scaryness!  I like to leave it on for about 30 minutes.

photo 1

Smoothness !~  I think my skin is not bad.  I always have people asking what I use.  I really think masks make a huge difference.  I know a girl who has amazing, fair, smooth, and clear skin and I asked her what’s her secret.  She said she uses a mask EVERY SINGLE DAY before she sleeps.  Okay – so there’s your tip!  I’m kinda lazy, but I do try my best to mask at least 4 times a week!  Scrubbing is also important too..or else all the goodness won’t be able to get in…

..hmm..  another blog post on it’s own.

Ps. I have tried these eye masks – don’t see much or if any difference.  Maybe my eyes feel more relaxed and less puffy.  that’s about it.  BUT MY PANDA EYES ARE STILL THERE.

my beauty diary


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