Guu (Aberdeen Center, Richmond)

Guu Richmond on Urbanspoon
guu guu 1 guu 2 guu 4 guu 5 guu 6 guu 8 guu 9 guu 10 guu 3 guu 7

I LOVE GUU !~ Okay…i still have more pics, but – don’t want to starve you with more pictures.  I like going to the richmond location because I think it’s less busy compared to the downtown ones.  The downtown ones are always crazy packed, and with line ups.  I love their drink cocktails, and the udon the most!  Their lunch box is also not bad, and have lots of variety!  The atmosphere is also very welcoming with their greets and goodbyes.  I THINK…but not one hundred percent sure, the menus are generally the same between all Guu’s.  There are probably some specials that are different – but almost all the same.

Oh – a bonus of Richmond’s location is the free parking.  And yes – a trip to daiso and a walk around the food court if you are still hungry.  AND – I find I do alot of window shopping at this mall.  Lots of things to see, but I never find myself buying much ever here.  lol!

Final verdict?  I go there once every 1-2 months 🙂


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