Taking care of your hair …


It’s important to use proper styling tools to take care of your hair!  Recently, my makeup artist friend asked me while doing a wedding makeup trial on me – “how is your hair so strong and healthy?!” …  yes…i often curl, blow -dry, dye, torture my hair…the trick is doing hair masques, and pre heat sprays.

photo 2

Once a month I like to use Japan’s Essential…

essentialI like to leave it in for 30 minutes and clip it up and watch a honger drama! I really love this Essential brand – too bad it’s not as cheap here in Vancouver compared to Taiwan.  Here is what their hair care line looks like :


Pink is for “light and bouncy hair” and the Yellow – Orange is for “smooth and manageable hair”. Both smell ridiculously amazing. You can buy this at T&T, big asian groceries, and Sasa.

Okay…and then we have my fav. heat spray – that is pretty darn cheap too!


Spray before torching your hair!  I like to wait for it to dry or absorb into my hair before curling.  Also I like to spray it into my wet hair and comb thru – then blow dry.  Just for that extra protection.

Oh …and I don’t like sticky products to hold my curls.  So I use this – so far one of the better hairsprays… not super cheap – but it lasts pretty long for me.

comb thru nexus

Nexxus Comb Thru finishing spray!  I like the smell too – it’s not too heavy, or flowery.  Actually if anything, there isn’t much smell la!

Okay…so there we go – my 3 most loved hair care/styling products.

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