Sushi Shelter 101 (Port Coquitlam)

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Really, really cute place hidden around costco area in port coquitlam!  Service is always good and the food is consistent and creative.  Sorry – I thought I took a picture of the place, but I guess…. I didn’t.  There are lots of vintage looking pieces around the restaurant, along with lots of toy figurines (bart simpson, mickey mouse, superhero’s, etc.) lined up along their counter for some of their signature roles.  The place isn’t big, and I don’t think it gets crowded often… because… I don’t think they have a consistent opening scheduling.  Sometimes they are suppose to be open – and they aren’t.  kinda drives me nuts, because i drive all the way there and BAM – it’s closed.  okay, yes…so don’t be stupid like me and CALL AHEAD to check they are open.

Final verdict?  I will be going back to this place and of course calling ahead of time to double check they are open.  I totally recommend this place for lunch as they have lots of good lunch combos.


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