The Salmon House on the Hill

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salmon house

delicious passionfruit cake of some sort (candle for my husband’s birthday)

 salmon house 1

Unfortunately this lobster pasta was bland.  Nice presentation with the head but I was very disappointed.  Didn’t even finish it…

salmon house 2

The complimentary bread came with what we thought was butter.  I wish the waiter would’ve at least told us what it was.  It was hummus.  yes – many people like hummus BUT I DON’T.

salmon house 3

This was pretty average – so I’ll say it was good.

salmon house 4

I think out of everything the dessert and this appy was the best (OYSTERS!)

So we came to this restaurant because a friend of ours mentioned it and thought it would be really good.  YES – the view is beautiful and just as good as Fraiche (but of course Fraiche is much pricier).  The hosts were friendly, but when we had our waiter come – I don’t think his service was that great.  I noticed he kinda just avoided us.  MEH.  I don’t know, I always felt North Vancouver restaurants have this thing…like they are judgemental towards young asians or “young looking” people coming to eat.

Final verdict? I can see myself coming here in the future… with guests from out of town as I’m sure they will love the view this restaurant has to offer.  But I don’t think I will be returning on a regular basis.


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