Etude House WonderPore Freshener


Introducing….Etude House’s Wonder Pore Freshener!

wonder pore freshner Oh shoot…this is in korean….

photo 1

Here is my english speaking bottle.

  1. Deep Cleanse Pores
  2. Maintain ph 4.5 +1
  3. Control a large amount of sebum
  4. Minimize appearance of pores
  5. Refine skin tones
  6. Keep the elasticity of pores
  7. Moisturizes !

photo 2

It not only refreshes the skin…but cleans off easy leftover makeup –
(from top to bottom) mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow

photo 3

Okay – well, obviously if you are SUPER DUPER lazy, you can probably get away with washing your skin with this product but I don’t recommend it as it could lead to drying skin.  It does say it moisturizes but it feels like a toner, and excessive use of this…you may begin to see your skin flaking over time.  It also feels refreshing because your skin feels super clean after using this (thanks to the little alcohol content in it).  I do like this having this product around for the days that I feel no matter how much I wash, my skin feels like there is some leftover makeup hanging around my pores.  I use wonderpore only 2 times a week as I find it too drying for me.  I ‘m not sure if it’s one hundred percent okay, but sometimes I take a cotton pad and squirt some wonderpore and lightly pat my eyes for the stubborn mascara that doesn’t want to completely come off.  and voila!  my face is clean as can be.

You could use something like Clinique clarifying lotion but I find wonderpore is far less drying to the skin.  Im too lazy to compare alcohol content – so I’m just going by feel.  As far as minimizing appearance of pores.  I can’t say there is a huge difference, but there is some…if not…little.

Final verdict ?  Buy it for an extra step of cleansing 2 times a week to make sure you get all the bad guys from your pores.  Nothing more!


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