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So I’m quite surprised the ratings arent as high as I thought – because I REALLY LIKE THIS PLACE.  My husband is quite crazy about it especially since we have cravings for oysters time to time.  Fresh oysters – buck a shuck everyday for like the most part of the day except dinner time.  LOVE IT because that means we can have oysters at LUNCH for $1.  I also like how there is a grilled option for their fish and chips because I don’t do fried food.  Service is always great – do they pay these waiters/waitresses big wages or something?  They are always happy, friendly, and helpful.  Such a happy place to walk into.

Mmm..  The only thing I think isn’t really all that great is their lobsters – seemed a bit overcooked.  Reasonable prices for the most part and lots of space (upstairs seating too).


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