Triple Barrel Curling Iron Review –

photo 4

photo 3

Site from where I purchased my pink iron 🙂

I know – I am crazy right?  Purchasing a ELECTRONIC device from a china ebay site.  I don’t recommend anyone ever doing that LOL and this is the one time I will do it.  (very thankful nothing blew up as I have heard many stories from people of the horrors).

I’m pretty happy with the iron – I think it was $15 bucks when I bought it and has gone up now.  SO FAST!  Anyways – I don’t find the iron goes super hot – 230 degrees is the most I think.  So your hair is going to lose the mermaid looking curls if you dont pack the hairspray in your head.  I don’t think I will use it super often as it does take quite a lot of time for me, my hair is long and thick.

Here’s a pic of right after using the barrel (didn’t do a good job at the ends of my hair – oops haha)-

photo 1

Here’s a pic of after a long day (I sprayed like half a can in my hair, and almost choked to death from it)



photo 2

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