Vanedo Beauty Friends – Face Masks

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the many , many flavors.




ta dah!


BOO!  Don’t know if you can tell…but these masks aren’t that full of moisture! 😦


I am not impressed by these masques and thank goodness they were a gift from a friend!  I have always wanted to try them as I see them at alot of stores being sold individually.  I still prefer the taiwan made ones.  Surprise, surprise – Taiwan over KOREAN makeup products?  that’s a first!

I ‘m definitely going to show you the ones I like using.  The ones from taiwan are soaked with moisture. So much that when you take off the mask, there is still a layer of moisture waiting to be absorbed as you sleep.

The best way to use these types of masks, are to put them on after you have washed your face and are about to go to bed.  Leave it on for 15 -25 minutes and discard and go zzz.  Anyways – I don’t recommend this brand and will be writing about the ones I usually use soon 🙂  Will go into more details then!

Final Verdict – DON’T BUY.  There are better ones.


10 thoughts on “Vanedo Beauty Friends – Face Masks

  1. traceintheplace

    Haha! This was fun to read and I’m glad you shared. Someone gifted me with these masks, but even worse, they were just the dry cloth papers. I thought you were supposed to wet them with water and then use them so I did that… and then I just ended up with a cold, wet face. I look forward to you sharing the masks that actually work!


      • traceintheplace

        hey! you are so welcome! i will be sure to check out your music, and we can collab when we’re in the same.. country? hahah i’m all the way in san francisco.

        i’m curious, have you heard of DeCadence before??

        i’m excited to see more from you!


      • ivancouver604

        I actually did watch their videos before because i teach group voice to little kids and was looking for samples of groups doing harmonies. HAHAHA.
        My husband went to school in san fran!~ berkely?

      • traceintheplace

        it’s so funny because i just read your leibster post and i have actually performed WITH DECADENCE at UBC, since we have some friends in the a cappella scene up there. everyone was SO nice! i can’t believe you’ve seen our videos!!!! totally neat.

        and i am from SF, and went to UC berkeley! such a small world!

      • ivancouver604

        !!!!! wow – so are you still in decadence? do you know of any similar accapella groups in Vancouver? Darn – i didn’t know you guys came to perform to UBC.

        What are you studying in Berekley?

      • traceintheplace

        haha not anymore, I graduated this past may. i studied psychology. 😀

        and yeah we went to ubc back in spring 2011, performed with undeclared majors and two other a cappella groups. it was fun!

      • ivancouver604

        poopers – missed it. i wish i joined something cool like that in my younger days. lol. oh man – i took some psychology courses for my music therapy degree. fun times. are you doing a masters now then?

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