Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen – Vancouver (Commercial Drive)

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen 岸本 on Urbanspoon

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DELICIOUS DELICIOUS DELICIOUS – DELICIOUS !!!!  I love this place and will keep on coming here.  You can tell from the ratings – many people agree with me. SO here is the catch – NO RESERVATIONS and be prepared to to line up if you plan on going there for lunch or dinner.  Oh – and don’t expect to sit there for a long long time chit chatting.  The waiters are quick in giving you the bill to give you a hint to get the heck out of there when you are done.  And if that doesn’t give you a hint to go home, i m sure the line up of people visible at the front windows will give you some pressure.  LOL.

GO AND TRY KISHIMOTO SOON!!!  You won’t regret it ! 🙂


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