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BEAUTIFUL PICS EH? 🙂  Thanks to me trust i phone 5!

okay – sorry – just wanted to get that out there.  So…as you might be able to tell – this was taken a while ago, when miku hadn’t moved yet.  I believe there is a nice view at their new location in Coal Harbour – so that’s a plus cause the old location had NOTHING.

The food was quite delicious as they serve “aburi style” …which is basically when the chefs use a torch to half cook the sashimi which gives this moist, and smoky taste to it.  Service was not bad as well, wouldn’t say its amazing for the price we paid.  Like have you ever walked into a expensive restaurant and felt like the waiter or waitress has this biase service that you won’t return anyways?

ANYWAYS. back to the food – beautiful presentation from beginning to end.  The roll with the jalapeno on it was the best, as well as the dessert – REALLY LOVED THE DESSERT.  (i’m a sucker for dessert).

Okay.. final verdict – don’t think I will come back often or maybe once in a blue moon – I find it way too overpriced 😦  WAY WAY WAY. Perhaps because we are always use to ordering tons at japanese restaurants.  Or maybe I’m being cheap?!  Anyways – if you are loaded with money to spill, this is not a bad place to eat every week I guess!

just not for me !  (food yummy but overpriced).  the end.


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