Deer Garden Restaurant (Coquitlam)

Deer Garden Restaurant on Urbanspoon

One of the better Hong Kong Style Restaurant in BC !  I’m not exaggerating – even chinese people from Surrey, and Vancouver know of this place.  They also have mini meals 11:00am – 5:00pm if you want to have a “snack” or late lunch.  The prices are VERY REASONABLE as the portions are very big if you order regular meals (outside of the mini meal section).  ANNNDDD…their soup is delicious – i love hong kong soup!  If you are picky about HK Ice Lemon Tea – this place is good for it too!

Oh yes – and please, like other chinese restaurants – don’t expect GREAT service.  Just be happy they respond and bring you your food okay?  Hahaha – if you are lucky, you may get a smile or two.  Nothing more!  😉

PS.  I love the owner lady though – she is a very cheery lady and is often behind the cashier and/or making drinks.


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