Worst restaurant by far goes to… Senova in Kerrisdale

Senova on Urbanspoon

I had a very good laugh reading this up on urban spoon:


I use to go here quite a bit, especially during the summer with my dog on the outdoor seats.  Just this past summer, I guess they changed it and don’t allow dogs anymore – which I guess is fine for whatever reason.  The waiters have a weird sense of humor, where they try to be friendly but I’m just really not feeling the vibe and/or they try to tell jokes but it makes me really wonder if they are really trying to be funny, or they are actually serious – I DON’T KNOW.

Anyways – although I never really liked the waiters – i loved their food in my first few experiences… here are the beautiful pics I took.

556973_10151810724529974_1596224933_n 1002872_10151810724524974_1614845872_n 1069202_10151810724519974_1667471229_n

Beautiful eh? 

Then this pathetic experience changed everything.

I had family from Singapore come into Vancouver from out of town and decided to treat them to Senova (this was before of course my change of heart).  I think it was their Monday/Tuesday pasta night and I didn’t think it was very crowded but I did see order of take outs at the front.  We had 10 guests in total at our table and everyone was very excited as real italian food is not common in a tropical place like Singapore.  I ordered two bottles of wine for the folks, and then we waited for TWO #@$$%#FEGSGSET#$%#$%#FERSETQT HOURS.  After a hour and a half we actually went to ask the waiter to give us our bill and we will just pay for the wine and call it a night.  The waiter refused and said the food is coming.  Then my dad explained he has a medical condition and he was suppose to take his meds with his dinner which is way past the usual time now.  The waiter ‘s reaction was so disrespectful as it was obvious he thought my dad was making it up and he said something along the lines of “well…i guess you’ll just have to take your meds later” and walked away.

OH – might i just add – we didn’t call their “special” that night – we paid the full 3-4 course set meals.

Then my singapore uncles started to get impatient and began to stand up and watch the chefs in the open kitchen who didn’t really do anything to reassure that dinner would be served.  The waiter started getting a bit antsy and started asking the chef which is also the boss of senova.  If you didn’t know – it’s a husband and wife that cooks and runs the place.  I overheard the waiter asking the boss/chef “should we give the party of ten a gift cert perhaps?” and shockingly the chef said “NO.”

okay. that’s it.  no way in hell I’m coming back.  The food came out and tasted bland, some were unsalted, and my risotto was sent back FOUR TIMES – i am not exagerrating.  FOUR TIMES.  even on the last time – i was just like okay.. you know what…forget it.  it’s not cooked and i dont want to eat anymore.  no one enjoyed their food.  i was sooooo embaressed that I had treated my guests to such a horrible restaurant.  I paid our $400 and there was no sorry’s or anything.  Only the waiter saying “if you do choose to come back, perhaps don’t pick a Monday or Tuesday”.

Do you need a final verdict?  -_-”

if you like to gamble with your food – then this place is for you!


PS.  Have a read at the reviews on urbanfood – some are sooo funny, and yelp has a few good ones.  I forgot which one had the funny review, but there was one I recalled that a user even signed up just to put a horrible review on them. HAHAHA


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