Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara


Hmmm….. can this be?


smart koreans – using a pretty white girl – she just looks like a doll doll ❤ (Ps. I bet those eyelashes might even be her real ones!!! Envy….)

Okay. and here’s me -_-”


step 1


step 1


step 2 – begins to thicken…


step 2 – thickening mode


step 3 😮
lengthening mode?


step 3 – voila! Great – can’t even tell. -_-”

Hmmm… SO… – i think it’s not bad.  kinda hard to see the gradual difference compared to the exagerrated poster ads BUT. I do recall, my first time using it and being like shocked at how good my lashes looked.  The great thing about this mascara is that I think you can use it not just through 3 steps but FOR 3 SEPARATE LOOKS.  Look below…


I did purchase a few more bottles of this mascara as I do really like it and it’s not that expensive – I think $15 – 18 CAD ? okay – yes – NOT as cheap as Maybelline but it’s at least cheaper than a Dior mascara right? hahaha.

photo 2

Final verdict?  Get one and try it out.  Some days I use it when I ‘m lazy to put falsies.  But this mascara is not for you if you are in a rush all the time because you obviously need to go through the steps.

(offered in hong kong, singapore, taiwan, korea (where it’s from), phillipines, brunei, japan, malaysia, and indonesia)  If you live in the states or canada – you might be able to find it in those cube store or asian makeup stores.

PS.  I’ll be probably not reviewing products for a tiny little while as I think more of my followers are interested in FOOD.  lol


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