Guu at Aberdeen Center, Richmond

Guu Richmond on Urbanspoon

Tel:  6042956612

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Really like this place!  I’ve been to the other Vancouver Robson location and I must say, they taste quite similar.  Maybe just a few of the items are different on the menu.  Besides being quite similar in food, the service, and atmosphere is as well.  But I do think the Vancouver location one is more peppy and warm and happy!  Maybe because this particular location is in aberdeen.  The only thing I tried here which I was just “meh” about was the mushroom butter hotpot?  Not really sure what that was all about.  It tasted like regular chicken brother with a slice of butter added in.  A great place for hanging out, having some tapas, and drinks.  I was happy to see how community involved they were and that proceeds from their own Ramune (which is like a soda pop drink they mix with their drinks) bottle would include proceeds to Children’s hospital!

The price is standard as in any other japanese tapas place, if not maybe slightly cheaper?  The place is fully packed and yes, I’ll probably return in the future but maybe to the vancouver locations if I’m looking for more of a “up” while eating my food!

PS. Nice girly drinks here!


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