Hokane Sushi – Coquitlam

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It’s strange, in a mall where no one goes to except for kids going to tutoring, or chinese/korean moms going for chinese facials and korean haircuts?  This little japanese restaurant is korean owned, and I must say, there is quite a regular flow of customers, sometimes even line ups in this empty mall.  Their sushi is delicious combined with different flavors such as their hawaiian roll..  just thinking about it makes me salivate.  Seared tuna (you can taste the slight burnt of bbq), and the creaminess of the inside of the sushi.  DIVINE.  Then they have this bowl, no english, but you can ask and point to the table next to you who will be 99% sure eating that dish.  Rice with sashimi and vegetables and then you mix it together.  It’s healthy, fresh, and delicious too.  One of those will fill you up so I often share it with another person.  Then they have a delicious baked salmon roll with cream cheese.  It’s a warm sushi, but just divine, yet again.

 Oh.  and ALL YOU CAN DRINK MISO SOUP.  (unless they have changed the rule now….)

Downside of this place, closes at 9pm and yes… they want you to be OUT by 9pm so they can go home.  And don’t expect chit chatty waitresses,  they are nice but I don’t think English is fluent.

Price is standard too.  I would say good since their flavors of sushi are distinct from others.  I never tried the regular california sushi, salmon roll…  but I’m sure it’d be the same quality.  Oh. and this place is not fancy at all.  Like a clean cafeteria.



2 thoughts on “Hokane Sushi – Coquitlam

  1. theunsweetie

    Hello fellow Vancouverite! I will have to check this place out, it sounds really good. If you’re ever in Burnaby, make sure to check out Oyama Sushi, the restaurant looks like a house and their sushi is to die for!

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