MARKET by Jean -George, Downtown Vancouver (Shangri-La Hotel)

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Classy place of course since it’s in one of the nicest hotels in Vancouver/around the world.  Food presentation is very nice of course as I would consider this basically almost fine dining.  Service, of course the best.  Could be a little faster, but sometimes I guess the kitchen gets held back.  I love the atmosphere in there as the decor is modern and almost spa like.  There is alot of lighting that gets through the window – not like those dark fine dining places where you can’t see very well what the heck you are eating.  When you enter, you will see a couple of hosts to bring you to your table.  They coat check for you, and if you need to wait, there is a nice little cozy waiting area.  I guess since it’s in a “asian” named hotel… they have some sort of asian theme with the decor (flowers, lamps, etc.) – BUT not too much, very well balanced and westernized.  I know… I’m blabbing on about the atmosphere/interior design.

Yes, if you order the fizzy water…you do get charged.   I don’t know… I never cared for fizzy stuff like pop, but alot of people seem to like fizzy water.  So yes – in case you are wondering when they ask for “sparkling” water or just regular, don’t think they are both free.  It’s just the normal one that is 😛

I think because they space out the timing of serving the dishes…  you get full fast from the wait.  don’t know if they do that on purpose, but I’m sure if it all came out at once… I would not be overly stuffed which we like to do.

They have a good brunch menu too if you are looking to bring your mom, or a date on a fancy brunch experience.  I haven’t been there for dinner – so can’t say anything about it.  And yes – since I said fancy, the price is a bit more.  You pay more for the art they make with your food !  Makes sense?

Worth a try for a fancy but casual dining experience.

PS.  Dress code is Business Casual here 🙂


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