Urban Decay Naked Palette

So I bought this for my friend for her birthday and I was quite sad when I gave it to her, but ecstatic she loved it…so I decided to buy myself one.  I think when I bought hers, it came with a nice sack to put it in.  But when I bought mine, it came with a primer and no sack.  So… yes – and i got a awesome 20% V.I.B. discount for that special sale.

I love this…the colors go on great.  it really makes you look….not “naked” but just natural.  I think that’s the point, hence the name.  Naked!!  Colors are all neutral.  Okay. I must admit, the colors are not accurate at all, but you get the point that theres TONS of colors and looks to play with.  funny enough, i used different colors for each look on the bottom, but yet…  in pictures…look all the same!  And the lighting is way off …so yes. i tried my best.

I think it’s about $60 CAD but well worth it.  You won’t ever have to buy another natural shade eyeshadow for a long time.  Oh, and their primer is great!  Doesn’t have this sticky texture and very creamy.

I recently went to a spa/salon place in Port Coquitlam.  Got the deal from dealfind.  Need to do a review on it soon – stay tuned!


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