Aoyama Cafe, Richmond (Aberdeen Center) *CLOSED*

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I have been to this place for brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts and coffee several times.  There coffee is wonderful, strong and the smell is just delicious.  They have tons of selections to choose from and their desserts are delicious.  everything is delicious.  BUT … I must warn you, I didn’t think their salad was great.  Or maybe it was a bad day.  I had a house salad that came with a combo meal, it was really yucky and had a weird smell to it.  The water they serve has a cucumber taste which I actually kinda like surprisingly.  We are probably use to lemon in water, but cucumber is also very refreshing too!

I love their green tea ice cream/red bean crepe with this clear jelly that comes with it.  its so YUMMY and their cinnamon cube toast is also really good.  My favorite pasta dish would be the unagi one.  Something very addicting about it, as well as the salmon and spinach pasta.  Although i really like cheese, I found some of their cheese dishes a bit too overwhelming for me.

My godsis says when she has their coffee, she is filled with energy for the next 5 hours.  They serve their coffee in this cute little bulb glass and pour it fresh in front of  you.  Dont know the purpose, but its cute !

The service is great – they have a button on the table so they come immediately when you press it.  I would say the signature of this place is the japanese fusion pasta selections they have as well as desserts/coffee.  Something that puzzles me is they serve “filipino breakfast” too?  Don’t know what that’s all about.  But never tried it!  Will do one day and post more! 🙂

Price may be a bit pricey, but its worth going every now and then for something a bit more unique.


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