ABC Cafe, Richmond (Aberdeen Center)

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Don’t bother going.  It was not worth it AT ALL!  The place tries to give it a old chinese type of feel when Britain was trying to colonize it but I think they cheaped out on the deco from the previous TWO restaurants that closed down before they opened (7th heaven–> Mambo Cafe –> now ABC).  I know, the pics looks amazing, BUT PICTURES ARE DECIEVING.  the only good thing about this place was THE BUNS!  the ice tea and milk tea weren’t good, the steak was poor meat, and my fish was super dry and my spaghetti was probably sitting there for a long time in the kitchen waiting to be served.  It was sticky noodles …. ew.  Oh and I must also mention that it was quite pricey.  I think for two people we paid around $40 for a HK cafe lunch !  The service was pretty good, but kinda strange cause it seemed like all the managers and waiters/waitress were just standing like statues around the front entrance to lure people in with their stares or something.  I really wanted to take a picture but that would be too obvious.  so yes.



2 thoughts on “ABC Cafe, Richmond (Aberdeen Center)

  1. Bob

    幾天前預訂了 ABC Cafe 的快樂毋親自助餐Happy Mother’s Day Buffet (這真是一個天大的錯誤)。
    昨天接到餐廳打電話來確認訂位,並通知我用餐時間改在6:00PM。 今天是母親節,我們準時到達 ABC Cafe,只見工作人員還在準備エ作檯,大部份的食物都還沒有準備好(這些工作不是在6:00PM用餐時間之前必須要完成的嗎?) 接著服務員問我們要喝什麼飲料,熱飲不收費,冷飲每杯加收 $1.00 (哇,可樂要另外收錢)。
    將近6:30PM 終於可以用餐了,一下子客人全部動了起來,所有的人塞在大門口,因為食物放在進門的兩旁,有幾道菜很快就沒了,一直沒有補上來,燒牛肉 Roast Beef 可以說是完全生的(廚子可能沒有做西餐的經驗,烤的火候時間都不對)。 龍蝦湯是溫的,喝起來有點噁心。不到 7:00PM 我們決定走人了,這時甜點尚不見蹤影。 母親節的晚餐就這樣毀了,這家餐廳真的爛的可以了。
    It was not worth it AT ALL! 別浪費您的時間與金錢在這餐廳(ABC Cafe)。

    • ivancouver604

      oh my gosh – 對不起。 我太久沒上這個blog. 現在看到your comment. 我用英文比較快. haha!
      wow – thank you- now i m double sure i will not go there ever, ever – even though i love aberdeen so much !!!

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