Magnetic Polish by Nails Inc London

A must have.

Currently sold at Sephora for $16 dollars in “Trafalgar Square” (grey shade), and “House of Parliament” (Purple).  They don’t have the gold polish anymore, read from somewhere that they needed to retest the swatches or something.  But the fun thing is, they are coming out with a pretty teal color soon called “Whitehall Teal”.

Okay – my nails are super ugly.  and I have absolutely no painting skills…for goodness sakes, I’m a piano teacher!
I really had fun with these on my first time trying them.  You have to apply a base coat first, then a coat of this magical nail polish, after it dries apply a really wet and thick coat and quickly hover the magnet on top of your nail very closely without touching it.  There is a ridge that prevents it from touching, but yes, clumsy me… i touched it several times and had to redo it.  BOO…. thumbs down!  You’ll notice the patterns emerge really quickly which just fascinates me.  (yes..easily entertained).  After a long, long time when you are 100% sure that it is dry, put on a nice layer of topcoat and bam! PERFECTION!

I really like this magnetic polish versus the shattered effect that was quite a fad for a while.  Sometimes, shattered nail polish look a bit “messy”, but this one just looks very futuristic, and modern/classy!  GET IT !!  I can’t wait til more colors come out.

PS.  I went to London Drugs, cause a student of mine told me I could get a lot more different colors there by a brand called “Layla”.  The makeup person told me that for this brand you need to do a layer of color first before applying the magnet polish – I’m not sure if this is true but I’ve looked up on some other reviews and the contrast does not look as deep as Nails Inc.  Plus …it’s the same price as Sephora.  So if you are looking for more colors and don’t care so much about the contrast- try Layla…  🙂


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