Fiberwig Mascara!

Okay…to be honest, I didn’t just use the Fiberwig Mascara, but used the maybelline classic volume mascara as a basecoat.

The blue mascara looks like this – you can find it at basically any drugstore…

Okay…but back to this fabulous mascara that’s made in Japan!

I remember when I went to Japan 8 years ago, this mascara was the no.1 top selling mascara…and it’s interesting cause when I went to Sephora just the other day, I saw them selling this!  In asia, this mascara is about $10 CAD, but at Sephora, I think I saw it for $30 CAD.  They have also come up with different styles of lashes that you can create with the mascara.  The one I have is “Extra Long”.

For some reason, at Sephora, it’s called “D.j.v.” (see below link)

As you can see, it’s quite long!  I usually use falsies cause I’m super lazy to take the time at night to wash off the mascara but now and then I’ll take this mascara out to use.   From my Laura Mercier Pot review you can see my eyelashes are really thin and there isn’t alot!  So this product is quite good.  The only down side to this product I would say is that it takes a longer time to wash off.  I wouldn’t say it’s hard to wash off, it’s just longer 🙂

I would recommend to use another mascara for volume, and also for some added base coat for the fiber wig to attach easier to.  The fiber wig alone would take many strokes for it to thicken up.  But if you are looking to have long and thin eyelashes for a more less dramatic look – Fiberwig alone would do the trick!

Sayonara ~~


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