Cafe de l’Orangerie, Vancouver – Marpole Area

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This place was recommended by my japanese hairstylist ( who recommended this japanese cafe place.  It’s kinda hard to find parking here as there parking lot is super tiny due to another restaurant and some small store – maybe only a handful of stalls only!!  According to my hairstylist, the pasta is really good, this white cream cake (which was not made the night we went to try it), and this hashed beef or hamburger with mashed potatoes.  There was quite a flow of customers coming in and out but I wasn’t super impressed with the dinner.  It seemed very normal, original, and safe?  I could see myself coming here to grab a tea or coffee with a friend and maybe a dessert which I must say seemed delicious.  I’m quite picky with my dessert, and nothing seemed to attract my palette that night – but I could tell they were made by a professional that knew what they were doing.  They also have japanese parfait there which I really wanted to try, but could not find myself to finish one alone.  My boyfriend is not a dessert fan, so I guess in the future I’ll just have to drag a girl friend along to try !  Conclusion:  recommended for dessert and coffee, not my number 1 choice for dinner.  Maybe lunch, as I noticed they have fresh sandwiches and soup.


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