Ding Hao Noodles House, Coquitlam

Ding Hao Noodle House 頂好牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon

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I use to come here alot with one of my besties Carman and we would always call bubble tea, a noodle each, and appy’s to share in between.  I really like their cold cucumbers as it is really refreshing and give you a clean palate.  Their deep fried tofus are one of the best I think.  It’s so soft inside and has this super thin crispy skin –  a must have.  Their bubble tea’s are good too, I usually get the Strawberry Calpis since I love strawberries!  They have lots of different noodles – but alot of people go there for their beef noodle.  A signature dish in Taiwan food.  Recently, I’ve acquired a taste for peanuts and they have noodles with no soup with this peanut sauce… Not sure what it’s called but in english it’s translated as “peanut sauce noodles”  I think?  So if you like peanuts – try it!  Their dumplings are really good too, sometimes I see a worker making it in the afternoon when I swing by there for some food.

So…in review, you must try: fried tofu, and dumplings.

For a small city like Coquitlam, the asian food here is one of the better small places to eat at.  Service is quick and the owner’s wife is super nice…she’s usually there when I go.


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