Wang Ji Beef Noodle House, Vancouver (Marpole Area)

8390 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6P4Z7

Tel: (604) 266-7966

DO NOT GO HERE.. in my opinion… it is dirty and if you check on health inspection reports… it does not look good.

“Results discussed with manager, Leo. Again, sanitation was found to be very poor and employees were demonstrating poor food handling methods. As these are all repeat offences, owner will be issued Violation Tickets for the following sections of the BC Food Premises Regulation BC Reg 210/99: Section 12: Fail to protect food from contamination and handle food in sanitary manner $345.00 Section 14(2): Fail to store or display potentially hazardous food at a safe temperature $345.00 Section 17: Fail to maintain premises, equipment and utensils in sanitary conditions $230.00 Section 21 (3): Fail to ensure adequate employee handwashing $230.00 Failure to comply with the above listed ticketable offenses will result in a issuance of a CLOSURE ORDER. Facility has been closed and ticketed in the past for multiple repeat infractions. Permit has also been restricted. If owner does not greatly improve sanitation and food handling methods, and the above infractions are observed again during subsequent inspections, facility will face further action including further violation tickets, permit restriction/suspension, and/or CLOSURE. THIS IS THE LAST AND FINAL WARNING.”

From the trustable:

It’s funny, I recall driving to this restaurant from Coquitlam with my parents as a child but I am told it is not the same owner nowadays.  Although there is still quite  a lot of people coming to this restaurant, I can see that it has diminished significantly and overtime I wouldn’t be surprised if less and less people came.  Thanks to this restaurant I suffered from major food poisoning and was sick and naseous for several days.  If you are curious to know what I had…I had their famous beef noodles.  Horrible choice.  Will never give this place a second chance after reading inspection reports.  Yes, I know there was another inspection the next day – but sorry…not up to my standards !


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