Sushi Town – Coquitlam

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This place is often busy during almost any time of the day.  I go here once every other month to satisfy that urge of getting big and cheap sashimi and sushi.  But honestly, I would probably not be feeling to good if I ate here every week.  My friends and family from out of town are always impressed with the freshness and large sizes and portions of the dishes here.  It is korean operated so dont be surprised if you taste the spicy korean sauce found in the spicy sashimi’s.  This place is also very cheap considering how much food you get as well.  I often like to order their chopped scallop and salmon/tuna sashimi.  Just a word of warning that if you order any spicy rolls, I find they aren’t very consistent with how much spice they put in.  One time, I thought I could feel the steam coming out of my ears and sweat pouring down my face.

Service is pretty bad most of the times though…but I guess that can’t be help especially when they are so busy.

Highly recommend their “Awesome Roll” – definitely a roll that would stand out in my opinion from alot of sushi places.  Don’t forget to ask for half orders of their sashimi’s as well.  A full order would make your tummy sick.


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