Laura Mercier – Undercover Pot

“Laura Mercier Undercover Pot is an innovative, travel-friendly pot that combines steps three and four of the Flawless Face into one convenient package for flawless touch-ups.

Celebrity Watch: Jennifer Aniston can’t live without her favorite Undercover Pot for those last minute touch-ups!”

I use to use NARS concealer stick and felt it was too dry, especially under my eyes it looks kinda flaky?  Even though my skin is fine in that area…  then I felt the nose and T zone could get quite oily at times.  I actually quite like this product!

  1. one side is a dryer concealer that you could use for the oily areas like your chin, nose, and forehead (yup!  not just your eye bags!)
  2. then the other side is a more liquid concealer, but still semi dry that goes on smoothly under your eyes to cover those black circles.
  3. and lastly there is a finishing powder under it all that packs in the concealer to last longer!
  4. small and compact to bring around for traveling.
According to the Sephora makeup consultant – she says that there are also special tints for both sides to help with the redness you get around the nose and the black rings around the eyes to balance out color tones!  This was awesome news to me as you probably have seen some people walking around with a overly white blend around their eyes.  NO GOOD! :p
Will do a NARS concealer review one day but price wise, this is around $10 US more BUT is 10 times more effective.  So you pay a bit more for the extras which will make it worth it.

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