Pho 78 – 4351 No 3 Road, #170, Richmond

Pho 78 Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

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Consistent!  Really like this place as I’ve been here a few times!
  • Coconut juice is typical as of any vietnamese restaurant.
  • Thai milk tea …a bit too sweet for me but then again I never tried one that is just right!
  • Noodles – good, good, good!
  • Chicken wings were average, still good
I didn’t really get the after effect of being super thirsty – so that’s great.  Really hate it when I have to drink a billion cups of H2o to quench all the MSG you get sometimes at most pho places.  Service was great, even though they don’t really speak english – the ladies were nice and friendly.  Food came out quite fast too, typical of many vietnamese restaurants.
Side note, I think it’s a good idea to get the bean sprouts cooked as I ‘m sure most restaurants serve it without really washing it thoroughly 🙂  You can request this at any vietnamese restaurant !

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