Kai Restaurant – Vancouver, 3093 Oak Street *CLOSED DOWN*

3093 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 2K8
(604) 568-8215

Hours: Sun-Sat 5-9:30pm

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Decided to check out this restaurant as I’ve been seeing it flash on Groupon Now for sometime.  Read some reviews on this place and it seems like everyone agrees the food is great but overpriced.  Even with my $10 for $20 groupon, the bill for the two of us came to around 60$?  Counted there are around 7 – 9 tables in the tiny restaurant, place was packed just right, no line ups and had an odd old asian lady open the door and start yelling and then she slammed the door and left….INTERESTING.

I overheard the table next to me said they felt the food was pricey when the bill came too!  and then the table to our left hardly ate anything.  Anyways, the one and only waitress was nice but I felt the 3 sushi chefs could’ve been slightly faster in making the food?


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