A.H.C. Hydra B5 Soother Serum

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I absolutely love this serum right now and until I can find something better (if that’s even possible)..I’m going to keep recommending this to everyone!  I got this serum as a birthday gift from my friend who bought it in Hong Kong. Because it is concentrated, one bottle lasts quite long as you only need like 2 drops from the dropper each day.

I usually use this at night before going to bed, but because of the winter approaching and cold weather…i use it again in the morning too!  I’ve been using this for a few months now and my skin has gotten smoother and alot more hydrated.  I usually have flaky skin and the odd rough patches because it gets super dry sometimes.  After applying the serum I also put moisturizer on !

Here’s what it says on the bottle:


  • improve the promotion of collagen synthesis and lightening melanin
  • help to gain the skin’s natural self healing power
  • increase its natural resistance and prevent future irritation effectively
After a few days you should be able to see the difference!  Definitely worth the money ($60 – 70 CAD)!

4 thoughts on “A.H.C. Hydra B5 Soother Serum

  1. reiis

    Hi, would like you to write a review on AHC Page in exchange for Hydra b5 smoother bottled samples. Thank you pls contact us

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